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Les Stoner

Lives in Burgess Hill, United Kingdom · 50 years old
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March 20, 2018
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August 11, 2013
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Hello Pedal Buddies I’d like to introduce myself, my names Les or if you’re my mother and I’m in the dog house then you can call me Leslie. I do have a alias that I’m known as at work and that’s Scooby, I’m not sure where it came from but a lot better than some nick names I can think of.

I had just started cycling a couple of years ago after buying a used mountain bike from a mate as a way to get a bit fitter, though I’m still struggling with giving up the fags. I have managed to cut it down but I’m not a no smoker yet. If you have some advice or recommendations on quitting please don’t hesitate in sending me a message.

After chatting with my daughter Kirsty she decided that cycling was a good idea and cheap once you have the gear. Be warned, this is not true once you get the bug and always want the latest toys, accessories and clothing.
We looked online for a mountain bike for my daughter and she fell in love with a nice mountain bike, though I’m sure it was the colour more than the specifications of the bike she liked. We gave it a few weeks then of we both went to Evens in Brighton to get a cycle jersey each. Being newbie’s and not loaded with cash we thought it best to get jersey’s that were the most suited to our needs. I’ve always believed you only get what you pay for and we both purchased a Gore Jersey each with zip off sleeves, ideal for warm and not so warm days, two jersey’s in one. I was surprised how lucky Kirsty was to get a jersey and gloves to match her new bike.
Not having full wet weather gear we have always been fine weather riders and went out in the evenings and when we were free at the weekends to clock up a few miles, gently at first I might add.
Kirsty thought I was mad when I suggested we enter in the Burgess Hill charity bike ride. Come on I told her we can do the 10 mile route, well that was 3 years ago this year, we did the 20 mile route last year and the same this year. Though niether of us are speed freaks, it does get easier getting up the hills, though we are not the fastest.

I won’t mention her name, but I remember somebody getting half way up a hill during the charity ride in tears because she couldn’t go on any further. After a hug and telling her how well she had done so far, we wiped away the tears and made it to the top and more importantly completed the route. That is such a good feeling and if you have not entered into any events I encourage you to do so.

The road bike bug… while Kirsty and I were half way round the 20 mile Burgess Hill charity ride in 2011 I was surprised to see the more experienced riders on their road bikes zoom past us like we were standing still. Bearing in mind that we started about the same time as they did and at this point we had only done 10 miles, these guys had done 30 miles!
Thinking to myself… Yes please, I started my search for a road bike. I spent a few months reading different reviews in magazines and online and looking at different bikes in shops I decided on what one I wanted. A new Wilier Izoard XP the frame had good reviews but the saddle and wheels… um not so good. No problem I thought anything fixed to the frame can be changed.

When I went to the local shop they had a limited edition Alessandro Petacchi replica on display, now this is either a love it or hate it colour scheme but I fell in love with it straight away and had to have one. When the guy told me there were very few left in the country and he would have to check with the manufacturers to see if they had an extra large frame left in stock I wish I could have seen the shops security camera, I bet my face was a picture hearing this news. Waiting for the sales assistant to finish his phone call to the manufacturers felt like a life time, but his smiling face when he finished his call and looked at me told me I was in luck.

Now how do I tell him I don’t have the money yet… The bike was three times more than I had planned to spend. I knew we had plenty of overtime at work and I could wangle a lot of overtime hours. I spoke to the shop owner I offered to pay as much as I could each week until the bike was paid for, he looked a bit concerned when I asked him but I assured him it would be 6 weeks at the most and he would be able to put the bike in the shop window to catch peoples attention and in shop sales.

Starting work at 06:00 and not finishing until sometimes around 22:00 in the evening and working Saturdays I managed to collect my pride and joy four weeks later. Getting the bike home my father looked at it and asked why I had put my mountain bike pedals on the new bike…
My bank balance couldn’t stretch to new pedals as well.
Who I'd Like to Meet
I can honestly say I’ve caught the “Bug” I enjoy cycling both on and off road, although I prefer/enjoy my time on the road bike more.
My cycling is more for pleasure at the moment but I’m looking for a buddy to join me in a few sportive’s.
I am not a total speed freak and sometimes it’s nice to take my time and enjoy the surrounding countryside, so if like me you’re still trying to get your fitness level where it should be, lets chat about where we’re going to ride next and support each other when we have the challenge of a hill to get up. Stopping at a café or country pub after a ride to chat about where were going to ride next.
Ideally, I’m looking for both guys, girls, couples and groups in and around the local'ish area of Sussex
Not being one to sit and watch movies much but if I do it'll more than likely be an action movie.
I have to confess that I do like watching the SufferFest Videos..
Note to self...!
Stop watching them and get on the indoor trainer and use them for the right purpose... train, train, train.
Photography: Though I've not done much in recent years, I did do around 20 weddings though never again after having three brides from hell, one after the other.!
Cycling: A strong interest in anything related to cycling.
Website design: No, not a designer myself, but this site has taken so much of my time to get where it is so far I have to add it as an Interest lol
Anything from the 80's 90's
Also anything with a good beat to it to help while cycling, yes I do listen to music while cycling but with the volume level low to ensure can still hear other traffic while riding.
I am