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Colin Wilhelms

Lives in Doveton, Australia · Born on May 16, 1955
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May 16, 1955
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March 5, 2017
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July 30, 2016
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My Bikes:
I have various bike of various condition, this includes
1. Humber, an English gents bike. My 1st bike. Age unknown, but with SA 3speed Dymo rear hub.
2. Fuji, A Hannamex bike from late 70's. My 1st derailleur bike, much modified.
3. Cecil, Built in a Cecil Walker frame early 80s. Used for most of my road racing. Still early 80s equipt.
4. Elite, built on a custon Peconi frame in mid 80s, and little changed since then.
5. Shogun, an alluminum frane MTB with hybrid front forks.
About Me
I commute by bike most days, and ride early most weekend mornings.
From late 70s till mid 80s I was riding quite a lot, including road and track racing.
Then the bikes were stored as work and family commitments got in the way.
About 2010 I started working with another rider, who re-ignited my interest in riding, including a go at Cyclocross.
With my many frames, the joke is that I own 10 bikes, although not often is any where that number is ready to ride at any one time.
In October I will be riding in 'Round the Bay' and as part of 'The Great Cycle Challenge' I am planning to ride 1000km.
Who I'd Like to Meet
I just like to meet anyone who is prepared to roll along with me on the road.
Breaking Away.
Bikes riding.
Trains both model and full scale.
Mainly late 60s and early 70s.
I am