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October 9th this year I will be riding around Port Phillip Bay in Victoria Australia. This is an annual event to support the Smith Family (a charity organisation that helps poor kids).
Last year my nephew failed to finish a clockwise loop, so he signed me up to ride with him on an anticlockwise loop.
The distance is 210km, with a break, riding the ferry across the mouth of the bay.
210 km is a serious ride! I wish you good luck on that enormous challenge. Sounds like an epic experience.
I once did 260km in a day back in the 80s (I was young and fit them), but this will be the longest in recent years.
Since getting back on the bike a few years ago, this has been on my bucket list.
Round The Bay is a challenge most cyclists near Melbourne usually try at least once.
Last update on September 16, 8:31 am by Colin Wilhelms.
Well, you're riding together that's a plus imo. Supporting each other and picking each other up if one gets in a dip.
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