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Poll: What do you wear?
May 11, 2016 by
I know, huge can of worms, but I'm curious. I don't own any cycling specific clothing, no performance materials, and no clippy cloppy shoes. For me, cycling is no different to anything else I do, so jeans and t-shirt are my normal cycling clothing, regardless of distance. I'll happily ride 100 miles like this, and have never had an issue with chaffing or strange rashes! Likewise with shoes, normally wear my trainers, but have travelled long distances in my Doc Martin boots without any drama.
I understand. The fact that you won't explain . . . explains everything
I do have 1 or 2 lycra shirts and 1 cycling jacket.
But almost all my rides I wear just plain casual clothing or my work clothes while commuting. Never had any problem caused by that.
My shoes are walking shoes, bought them for 15 to 25 km walks and they perform perfectly on the bike as well. So as you might guess, I have platform pedals on my bikes. ;-)
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