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“Where cyclists come together”

Not sure I should post new thread option to say hello but here goes ... sorry if I'm doing it wrong lol

I'm Scottish, English and Iranian. I've raced bicycles on the road and got to a high level in velodrome sprinting but too much of a hippie at heart to enjoy the world of performance cycling so been cycling the world since 2014. Not as a holiday or as an extended trip but as a choice of life. New for 2016 I'm set up for hiking so I cycle to the worlds top hiking spots ditch the bicycle and set off with my backpack to explore.

Love the bicycle even more than I love whisky. For me it equals freedom and really is the best invention from man. I encourage everyone to get off on their own mini adventures. Get outdoors, get into nature & get away from TV screens.

If anyone is blogging or on social media please share your details with me so I can follow and read!

Blogging on and

Social Media as World Bike Girl
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