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Having just uploaded this weeks PedalBuddies Strava Club stats, it's great to see so many members have managed to get out and ride especially as the weather has be cold, wet and windy.

This brings me to ask the question and I'm sure other members would like to know..

When the weather has been as bad as it has, what gear do you use. There are many combinations that are available to buy and I realise some people feel the cold more than others.

I'm sure other members would like to hear what clothing, glothes etc you have bought and feel you made the right choice.

As there are two sides to every story, what kit have you bought and either returned it straight away or thought to yourself, well what a waste of money that was..
Last update on January 3, 11:27 pm by Les Stoner.
"There is no glory in Practice.. But without Practice there is no glory"
I tend to embrace the elements although I always wear a base layer.
Long sleeve shirt in the colder months and occasionally a soft shell windproof jacket.
Am a recent convert to wearing a casquette.

I have long thermal bibs but despise the 'boil in the bag' effect they induce.

Neoprene overshoes definitely help when it's nippy Smile
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For me it's not so much my body being cold, can't bare my hands and feet feeling like blocks of ice..
"There is no glory in Practice.. But without Practice there is no glory"
I can see that I'm going to have a small problem...
I've ordered a head warming device as my natural one has all fallen out and I've just looked at my mavic helmet and I use it at it's largest setting which means wearing a cap etc is going to be a tight fit.
We will have to see what it's like when the cap arrives Unhappy
"There is no glory in Practice.. But without Practice there is no glory"
Base layer, cycling shorts and short sleeve, arm and leg warmers, two pair of socks, a very thick and not at all wind-friendly jacket.

I have a skinny wind/rain jacket but it doesnt breathe so all the sweat stays inside and I get to cold wearing it I need this thick winter jacket to stay warm. Its not ideal and I most likely look stupid but I don't really care. Smile

Im in the same boat as you Les, I cant fit a cap under the helmet so my ears go numb.
Last update on February 11, 1:10 pm by Kenneth Larsson.

I took a chance and ordered the Nothwave Blade headcover and pleased I did.
It's quite thin compared to other head gear I've looked at and I can just about wear my helmet over it.
I can't stand cold ears and this one tick all the boxes.
Kenneth, Have you tried to wear a cap etc with all or some of the removable padding taken out of your helmet..? It would give more room.
"There is no glory in Practice.. But without Practice there is no glory"
I have a Giro Feature MIPS helmet so theres not really any padding in it, just a thin plastic that wraps around the head. I made the mistake and ordered my helmet online and scratched it while eagerly taking it out of the box so I couldn't return it to change size. It just fits when its on full size I even get a slight headache after wearing it for a while.. Ill most likely replace it soon both for comfort and estethic reasons, until then I just have to live with cold ears and pain in the ear canals.
Kenneth, have you looked at something like these..?

If they are not any good you could always opt for these.. lol

If you decide on the second option it's member rules you have to upload a photo of you wearing them... lol
"There is no glory in Practice.. But without Practice there is no glory"
Hah I actually tried but as soon as the wind hits they start flapping and falls off. Not sure if its a sizing issue or simply a poor product but I picked them up for next to nothing in a hardware store so I guess both. Maybe in a few weeks Ill be hardened against the cold. Smile
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