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Hi all!
Well, this is my first year of cycling. I decided that after last Christmas I was going to do something about my fitness.
I bought a £40 full suspension MTB, but after a few weeks of riding that on the road decided it was hard work, and bought my first road bike. I bought a British Eagle Velocita, as I didn't want to spend half a grand on a road bike, and then come off and decide I didn't like cycling after all.
I got really hooked on cycling, and have rode over a thousand miles on that heavy 13kg bike with its top mounted Shimano Tourney shifters. In September I bought a Specialized Allez Sport, and for me, it's cycling on a whole new level!
So this year, I have lost nearly 3 stone - I'm 6'0" and currently weigh in at 185 pounds. I've had one bad crash this year, taking a corner too quickly and narrowly avoiding losing my right eye on a branch of a hedge, but it made me more aware and am a better rider for it.
I've rode one Sportive, the Tommy Godwin 100KM Chalenge, and next year want to take part in Time Trials and maybe some veteran road races.
I'm on Facebook, Strava, and The Cycling Bug, and ride with Concorde Cyclists Club.
I'm friendly, not at all snobby, and if you want to add me as a friend, go ahead.

Merry Christmas all!
Keep them wheels turning!

Chris "Chopper" Harris.
Hi Christopher, Most of us start on a cheepo bike then realise that the better bikes are more expensive for a reason..
You've done well to loose 3 stone, maybe that 13kg bike wasn't so bad after all.
Keep us updated with your time trial rides, will that include another new bike..?
"There is no glory in Practice.. But without Practice there is no glory"
Well Les, I'm back on the big heavy beast for the winter anyway, as I'd be gutted if I damage my Allez. But boy, is it hard work! Obviously, a new bike would always be welcome, however my wife wouldn't be too impressed!
Keep them wheels turning!

Chris "Chopper" Harris.
I'd not tell your wife If you got a new bike lol
Or you could get her into cycling then she would understand your need for lots of bikes
"There is no glory in Practice.. But without Practice there is no glory"
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