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I hear traffic as much as I see it..a simple slight twist of the head to reduce the wind noise usually reveals the proximity of the next lethal weapon being aimed at me by idiots.
I can tell from the noise the nature of the idiot behind the wheel as well, the worst ate the impatiant hgv, white van man and taxis revving as they get ever more wound up before finally passing way to close and fast at the worst possible moment they can choose.

Never swerve once the first idiot passes. They won't get you. But the second. Third fourth may do as like sheep they blindly follow the lead idiot and have to cut you up to avoid a head on smash with the driver coming on the other side.

When being pushed fgom.behind by an idiot hold your line and space. Let it wait. If you don't you invite it to pass to close and it will. Never be bullied into the kerb by idiots. If you wish to let it pass do so at a safe place for you of your choosing.

Claim your lane, use primary position to control cars behind you and be seen.

When making a right turn(UK).signal early and take up position in right lane same as if you were a car.Don't suddenly cut across the lane last.minute.

Ride clear of parked cars for they contain idiots in control of doors.

Make direct eye contact with drivers you anticipate are the nearest risk to you at junctions and roundabouts.

Ride on the right of the white shoulder line, not in the shoulder.

Avoid dangerous cycle paths and lanes . You have the right not to use them when you feel it safer not to.

Never jump the red light. Never ride on inside of trucks.

Watch for potholes especially in dark shady lanes on the downhill. Here ride in middle of lane where safe.

Read and understand the highway code.

Don't make sudden unexpected moves in traffic. Do things calmly, clearly and deliberatly.

Watch out for those white lines in the rain. They are made of ice.

Don't ride in traffic when exhausted. Pull over recover then ride again.

Look check look again then.keep looking. Never assume a driver will do what they should.

Wear a helmet. No excuses, just do it.

Proper lights at night and dawn, dusk.

Be wary around dogs. They shoot out st cyclists often be ready.

Don't draft vehicles. Ride to close to fast and you won't see the red brake lights.

Smile and laugh at idiot drivers. Nothing else pisses them off more!

Watch the road, not your Garmin.

Never wave a car past you. Let them take thier own call.

Use clear and confident hand signals, in good time.

Know.your route, especially in busy towns. Here you need your wits about you and you don't need to be falling around looking at maps, signs etc.

Dress for theconditions .

Correct bike, tyres etc for the conditions.

Check the traffic, not the fit blondes arse

Never never never forget, you.have as much right to be on the roads as the cars. Don' intimidated by them. Claim your space and control them with.your road positioning and body language as much as hand signals.

Ride. Live. Be safe.

'It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live'
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