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These are pushed pretty hard by the local bike shops and they are not cheap. There is a wealth of info online about how to set up a road bike, I thinks I've got mine dialed in now pretty well, bu tit's taken me years to do it lol!
Then there are the bike fit apps, I tried one and it's carp.
Any other experiences..views??

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I've worked for a couple of bike shops and done a few courses on bike fit, and IMHO they're pointless. All the calculations in the world can't tell you how it feels. If I'm forced to ride a road bike I always have a frame that every calculation will tell you is the wrong size, but my body tells me its right, and that's the important thing.
I understand. The fact that you won't explain . . . explains everything
I'm a 29" inside leg/5'7" in height but choose to run 175 cranks on all bikes.
I also require a top tube length of 545 +/-5 and a 100mm stem.

A bike fit dude would shake his head slowly.

Enough said...
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