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Sadly Australian cyclist Jack Bobridge has failed to break the hour world record, riding about 51.3km.

Bobridge was trying to pass the mark of 51.852km, set on October 30 last year by Austrian Matthias Brundle.

He needed to ride 208 laps of the DISC Velodrome in Melbourne and finished the 60 minutes with about 205.

Bobridge made a strong start and, by halfway, he was on target with 104 laps completed.

But by that stage, coach Tim Decker was already calling for a bigger effort as he monitored Bobridge on the side of the track.

Bobridge lifted noticeably in the last 10 minutes, but it was not enough.

Bobridge rode 51.3km and was exhausted after the ride, needing to sit for several minutes on the side of the track.

He set the Australian record, breaking the 50.052km that Brad McGee rode in 1997.

It is the second fastest world time.

After cycling's world governing body standardised the hour record last year, German Jens Voigt ended his career by setting the world mark of 51.115 on September 18.

Australian Rohan Dennis will also make an attempt on the hour world record in Switzerland on February 8.

Once he left the track, Bobridge threw up several times from the exertion of his ride.

"This is the closest to death I will ever be, I think, before actually, without dying," he said.
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