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how impressed are you with your some of you know i like the exposure brand maybe a bit pricey but very powerful and no cables and lots of burn time
Last update on October 26, 10:46 pm by Les Stoner.
ride it like you stolen it ;
take a look i run a 6 pack maxxx d and a joystick turns light into day
ride it like you stolen it ;
and a flash on the rear
ride it like you stolen it ;
ride it like you stolen it ;
my six pack
ride it like you stolen it ;
no not my stomach
ride it like you stolen it ;
mind you i also got a light from c&b seen thats as bright as the maxxx d its a chinese knockoff but its good and only 30 quid
ride it like you stolen it ;
I got a Magicshine MS-616C ("5000" lumen) on my handlebar and a Magicshine MS-610C ("2000" lumen) on my helmet.

Two rear lights one on the seatpost and one on my backpack.

Nice to have access to all lights from the handlebar trough wireless remotes so never have to take my hands of to change brightness when I hit traffic or go in to the woods.

I do miss my old White Pro 4000. It was rated as 4000 lumens and it really threw light everywhere both in width and length with an incredible 4 hour run time on a single charge.
I'm a bit of a light junkie, not a fan of wearing hi-viz etc, but refuse to "not be seen", so lights are always on. On the front I have a CatEye Volt 400 as my main evening/night time light, with an Exposure Trace flashing all the time. I've also got a couple of Knog Frogs as back ups just in case of battery failure (happened once in the last 3 years!). On the back I've got a FibreFlare for night riding and an Exposure TraceR flashing all the time. Again theres a couple of Knog Frogs just in case. I've started carrying a power bank in my saddle bag just in case I get caught out somewhere, although I have plans to fit a decent dynamo front hub that will have the ability to charge USB devices (shame the fibreflare still uses normal batteries, would love that to be rechargeable!)
I understand. The fact that you won't explain . . . explains everything
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