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What are the best snacks to take on a long ride to keep yourself going?
What has or do people use? And how have you got on?
I've tried a few different brands, some are way to chewy, for me its the ZipVit sports range everytime...
The ZV8 Yoghurt Apricot and Peach energy bars... ummm
They taste so good sometimes I'm tempted to just sit down in the evening and snack a few bars...
Last update on June 24, 8:30 pm by Les Stoner.
"There is no glory in Practice.. But without Practice there is no glory"
I will have to try them out Smile
i just had sausage ,fishcake and chips that done the jobbounce
ride it like you stolen it ;
Suppose you won't want kfc tonight then .........oh well haha
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