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So, today I voyaged from Oxford to Wales to ride the Bike Park. All I can say, is anyone else who rides Enduro or DH, you would love this place. It's only £5 for a day, however, I recommend paying £35 for the uplift service - it's well worth it, unless you want to feel like you've been riding up mountains all day (I made this mistake today, I'm now walking like John Wayne - I'm not looking forward to tomorrow..).

Also, at other places, the difficulties often state higher than the trial actually is.. trust me, don't under estimate trials at this place - I almost pooped my pants twice.

Here's a link to The Bike Parks website:

(For the uplift, there's normally a waiting list of around 6-8 weeks we were informed when speaking to fellow riders earlier).

Well worth the trip!!

If you've been before, what's your favorite trial?
Last update on June 21, 10:00 pm by Paul Stoner.
"Abandon ship!!!"
I've been told so much about bike park wales and trying to get over there soon and can't wait Smile
Good to hear another positive review
Looks like you had good weather in wales Paul..
"There is no glory in Practice.. But without Practice there is no glory"
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