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One of the first things I've bought to add to my new trike is a set of headlights. I was in doubt whether I would go for battery powered lights or a dynamo hub. On my Surly I've got a Busch & Muller light with a dynamo hub and I like that combination very much, so I've decided to go for 2 headlights from B&M but power them with a powerbank.

Last wednesday I did a "endurance" test connecting the 2 lights to my 10400 mah powerbank and after 36 hours they still produced a lot of light. That should be sufficient for 2 weeks of commuting.

I've connected 1 headlight to the powerbank by an old usb cable I had lying around and connected the 2nd one to the rear light connectors on the first light. There's hardly any difference in the light they produce, so works fine for me.

For those who would like to try this, but don't know how to connect a usb plug:
I've cut the cable, removed the 2 data wires (white and green) leaving only the power wires (red and black) which I've connected to the wires from headlight 1:

Although the powerbank produces 5 volts DC and the lights are made for 6 volts AC, this combination is still a succes in my opinion.

Parts I've used:
2 Busch & Muller Lumotec IQ Cyo T headlights > 2 x € 49,90
1 powerbank TP-link 10400 mha > € 27,99
1 old usb cable I've found in my laptop case
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Colin Wilhelms
Sounds good.
It gives me something to think about early next year.
  • November 26, 2016
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