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Tenn outdoors – Behind the product.
As you probably know it’s not always the best weather here in the UK during the spring months. It can be very unpredictable even at the best of times. Hour by hour the weather can be known to change. This make is very hard for us cyclists to know what to wear. Tenn outdoors understand this and have a huge range to offer. When the sun is shining it doesn’t always mean that it is warm and when it’s cloudy it could be baking hot. This often tricks us. There is nothing worse than heading out on your long ride on a Sunday morning and starting to feel like you made the wrong decision. Having to take layers and layers off when riding doesn’t always go down well with the guys you’re riding with. Take it from us at Pandion Cycling. As it is so tricky to gauge the correct temperature, this time of year is where we blog lots about the correct type of clothing to be wearing.

The Tenn outdoors drift long sleeve jersey is going to be the main topic of conversation within this blog. This Tenn outdoors jersey is very unique and has some great qualities for spring riding. The drift jersey generated from this idea to make the perfect jersey for spring. Some would say that it might be a little too warm for spring but this jersey is perfect for the chillier days that a long sleeve jersey is needed. As the Uk weather is not always too predictable we never really know what we are going to have to deal with when out on the road.

This Tenn outdoors jersey has been tried and tested many times in the Uk weather. Shortly here at Pandion Cycling we will test this product. Many other reviews have said that this Tenn outdoors drift jersey is perfect for spring and this has been proven time and time again.

The design is simple, yet stunningly effective. The arms contain a thumb loops to allow the sleeves to stay down and not ride up. An extended rear hem and a high cut collar adds great protection from the harsh elements spring can throw at us. This jersey can stop the down pours and road spray from ruining your ride. The full length zipper allows the rider to regulated there temperature manually by lowering the zipper. This will allow air to flow through when needed and when not needed the wind stop fabric will block this out. The breathability of the fabric is also vital for spring riding. The drift jersey features this as the fabric has small pores that allow heat to escape but will stop wind and water particles from penetrating.

This Tenn outdoors jersey really hits the very best technology anTenn outdoors d offers the combined value for money and high performance. Retailing at only £29.99 and on sale here at Pandion Cycling for £22.99 makes this jersey a great purchase. The drift long sleeve jersey is very versatile and can be used in the winter with under garments for added warmth. In the spring with no under garments it really can be the best jersey to wear. This cycling jersey by Tenn outdoors is also very compact and can be made small enough to pack away into your back pockets.

Riding in this Tenn outdoors jersey for up to 6 hours can be made easy, staying comfortable throughout. The breathability and high wicking fabric will allow you to stay dry when the times get hard and you start to perspire. With other jerseys they can leave you hot and damp inside as they don’t contain the same properties as the Tenn outdoors drift jersey. It can be very easy to spend a lot of this type of jersey from the top brands charging nearly the earth. They have the same properties and when the Tenn outdoors drift jersey was put up against them it performed the same, but costing less than half the price. This jersey is a win win for you and can really improve your riding in the spring.

Below is the description of the Tenn outdoors drift jersey:

Whether it is a warm autumn evening or a chilly spring morning, the Drift Jersey is perfect for regulating your body temperature, keeping the warmth in and the chill out. Specifically designed with a racing cut and low-drop back for a close and comfortable fit, and manufactured using breathable, windproof & water resistant fabric with a fleece lining, this jersey is ideal for when the weather is not. Add to this 3 rear pockets, highly visible colouring, a silicon-gripped waist band, and longer sleeves with thumb loops, what more could you ask for, it has all the components for a perfect cycling jersey.

More Info:

Extra-long sleeves with thumb loops – allowing you to maintain a comfortable riding position.
Brightly coloured with reflective logo’s – keeping you highly visible in low light.
3 rear pockets – giving you plenty of storage options.
Water Resistant/Windproof/Breathable fabric – keeping you warm & dry throughout your ride.

Once again thank you for reading and we hope that we explained the Tenn outdoors drift jersey enough to leave you with a confident purchase. Shop our Tenn outdoors range now. Keep riding.
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