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So I have been trying to focus a lot on fundraising and that part is really getting me down. I have been training lots which I know I don't really need as the ride won't be that hard, but fundraising is extremely hard I have 4 months to raise the money for the ride and have been putting out requests for donations and support a lot I have gone to several businesses and have not seen much yet. I'm only at 10% of my goal of $3,200 and worried I won't make it to my requirement as I don't see much coming in in donations. I have received a few and a couple larger donations $100 but I would be happier to see a bunch of small donations come in over a short period of time then a large one here and there. also I have a ride planned in June that I haven't entered yet because I'm afraid I can't raise the money for it while doing this one even though I only need to raise $300 for that ride. and I saw a ride for next year that I would like to do but I would have to start raising money as it is a required $25,000 but it's also a cross country ride too 17 days and 6,000km.

Not sure what I should do or whee to go for help With out spending a fortune on advertising my fundraising event. I have planned a few small things to raise money having a yard sale and friends will donate items to ell and put all money to the ride as well as a couple spin-a-thons. and 50/50 draws. not sure what else to do or where to go from here! This is only my second year fundraising and the largest I have had to do so far.
Les Stoner
Hi Doug...
Sorry to hear your fund raising is going slower than you had planned.
I would love to do the London to Paris bike ride. It would worry me trying to raise £1600 to cover the costs.
I've just googled fund raising ideas and found this list... I realise a lot of them will not be suitable for you...
  • April 6, 2016
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