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Well the last couple weeks of training have been up and down, Last week I hardly made any progress with only 2 days on the bike and 50 miles as I was unable to get out due to the fact that I had stay with my daughter through the week as my wife had to make a last minute trip home to Nova Scotia because her father was having a cornea transplant. the week before that wasn't too bad though. got out 3 times and put 95 miles on the bike. also got my first Strava challenge completed of the February climbing challenge to climb 4,000 meters I climbed 4,500 meters. Hoping this month goes a Little better for Training. Weather should start to get a little better now and allow for more rides and longer distances.

The local paper also did a story on my journey to prepare for the Ride to Conquer Cancer and why I want to do the ride that can be seen here: Hoping this Helps me to Gain some more donations or sponsors. It has been slow going so far I am up to only $270 so far, Hope that grows soon, I am putting it out there as much as I can on social media sites and I've been to a few businesses but think I need to get out to some more. hopefully I can get some more people to help spread the word on a regular basis to help me with getting support from people and businesses.

If your interested in donating you can do so through the "Fund Raising" Link on this page and look for "The B.C. Ride to Conquer Cancer" link also if you like to post it and help me spread the word.

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