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It was off to a rough start but looked up last week! I got 140 miles on my bike and climbed 7,000 feet, Looking good so far, hope this week goes decent but haven't been able to get out on my bike yet since Sunday too much rain. So this week I got on my first Sorta group ride only 4 people showed up as they are not in full swing because quite a few riders don't like a little bit chilly temperatures or dampness! It was a good ride though 45 miles and a little over 2,000 Feet of climbing on that ride. I did get to ride with a category 1 rider Nicholas Perera I think he was being nice and waiting for me most of the ride but he still made me realize how slow and rough on the hills I really am LOL. hope I get to ride with him again he's a great guy! well if you haven't had a chance check out my Fundraising page on here for The B.C. Ride to Conquer Cancer and also check out my personal web page here: to read my story and reasons for doing that ride!
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